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Your business is your livelihood. You need every part of your business to be well functioning to help you turn a profit. This means that you need a repair shop that offers affordable and reliable fleet service repairs. That is where we come in. Our shop can provide your fleet with the expert repairs you need to keep all your vehicles running. Replacing a company vehicle is expensive while our maintenance programs are very affordable.

We welcome large scale commercial accounts

Our long term fleet repairs can keep your cars on the road longer than ever.

We use state-of-the-art technology that allows us to make your repairs and also track breakdown patterns. Once we discover any patterns we can predict when your cars are going to need repairs before they actually do saving you money.

State-of-the-art fleet repair service

  • Quick turn around

  • Net 30 on all services and repairs

  • Fleet tracking

  • Scheduled maintenance

  • Progressive repairs

The features / benefits of our fleet service

Discuss your fleet repair needs with us today.


  • Quarterly inspections

  • Repair cost analysis

  • Major mechanical system inspections

  • Regular fleet vehicle safety inspections

  • Long term savings on fleet vehicle repairs and fuel

  • Stay on the road and shielded from liability

  • Reduce employee and vehicle downtime

  • Track fleet vehicle repair history

  • Identify break down patterns

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